A few keys to understand

A pattern is a repetition of forms, the favorite subject of the artisans, whether voluntary or unconscious.


Intrigued by their works, this production is a reappropriation, a reinterpretation of their work process.

It is a frantic repetition of identical gestures that punctuate a daily life.

I try to exploit and dissociate known materials in order to pretend a truth. The objects here are devoid of their original function. They only seek to question their material, the manufacturing process to which they refer and their history.

Poetic history as reflected by their fragility.

It is a reflection on the painting medium, can it be sufficient for itself?

The components of the painting having drastically changed over the years, it would be time to change the perception of it and the link with the frame and the canvas that no longer needs to be.


The process involves placing the acylic paint in the pastry bag on baking paper. Once the paint dries, it is separated from the paper. The pose reproduces the pattern created by the weaving made by a garnisher,

but is in no way a caning.


The layering of acrylic layers evokes the quantity of rattan bands necessary for the execution of a caning.

The lure is created by the pattern, the image inspire its plasticity to everyday use, without mimicking the original technique. Who in reality only aims to highlight the ancient techniques of craftsmen who work in the shadows.